What Can You Expect at a Motorcycle Track Day?

Please check with the individual school or promoter for details on how their track day is structured. You will find information on specific events on our TrackDay Organizers page.

The day usually starts early with a check in time beginning at 7:30 AM. Guest riders will check-in and be introduced to the team of instructors. The instructors will help lead the guests through Tech inspection process and offer assistance in preparing for the day.

Many of these days are broken into two groups to facilitate diverse levels of experience. The ‘A’ Group is normally reserved for faster, more experienced participants who may have attended previous track days or schools. The ‘B’ Group is for more conservative, first time participants and those with a less aggressive style.

Each day is slightly different and the sponsoring organizers make every effort to accommodate students at all levels. Be sure to check their Schedule Page for specific details.

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