Spotlight on Carters @ the Track

Spotlight on Carters @ the Track

We had the opportunity to catch-up with Jesse and Leah Carter of Carters @ the Track for a brief chat.

Carters – A family-vibe and fun for everyone
Jesse started riding track days in 2006 and did his first at Laguna Seca. Talk about a great start! It was fortunate that his first day would be at such a great track. As you would expect, one track day is never enough and he soon connected with the renowned organization run by Lance Keigwin.

Jesse was immediately hooked and over the course of the next few years, became an active participant in both the events and the business. He and Leah used their experience and friendships to start Carters @ the Track in 2018. With a ton of experience and 35 instructors, Carters now hosts both track days and schools across California at Thunderhill Raceway Park, Buttonwillow Raceway Park and Sonoma Raceway.

Their events are run in an A, B- and B+ groups format. Longer events and schools are broken into A and B groups. An ample staff of instructors allows one-on-one instruction for riders that would like to take advantage and free-time between sessions allows for some rest, water and a bit of spectating if you’re inclined.

The relaxed atmosphere is described a family-friendly and you will often find spouses and kids in the paddock. Jesse emphasized that families are always welcome! Special events include a Ladies Weekend scheduled for July 25-26 and ladies ride for only $100. It’s OK guys, you’re gonna get passed by a girl. Just say that you were being gentlemanly and we’ll keep it between us. 😉

In addition to their track days, Carters @ the Track also offers novice, intermediate and advanced schools. The schools run with 45-minute sessions, a much higher number of instructors and a smaller group of riders for true one-on-one training. Ken Hill is the lead-instructor and is considered one of the top motorcycle riding coach in the United States. With an impressive list of top-level talent as clients, we are certain you will be in very good hands.

Carters also offers training licenses for AFM road racing. (Spoiler Alert: the racing bug often starts with a track day) The AFM licensure is FREE with any of their track days. Please be sure to check with Jesse or Leah for the details and paperwork.

WARNING: Do not ride this bike unless you have room for it in the garage
As we finished our conversation I asked about the equipment he’s riding these days. It seems that Jesse has always been a “Suzuki-guy” but tried the BMW S1000 at the urging of a friend at San Jose BMW. “This is the best bike I’ve ever ridden. Everything, the chassis, the engine, the brakes” he said, before cautioning that it only took one short ride to be convinced. Our warning to you is “don’t throw a leg over it if you don’t have room in the garage!”

Carters @ the Track events are friendly, fun and have a family-vibe that makes these among the most recommended events on the calendar. The team there work to keep customers happy and coming back. They offer a 48-hour cancellation policy, season pass discounts and it’s clear they are in this because they love what they do. With an impressive list of sponsors and great customer service, our advice is to book your ride early. Check them out here.

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