What can you expect at a motorcycle track day?

Much like motorcycles, no two track days are the same. Some organizers bias their days toward instruction and offer track time broken up with classroom time. While others are biased more toward experienced riders and offer maximum track time. Riders should seek the organizers that offer programs that are geared toward helping you achieve your goals.

If you have questions about a particular event, please reach out to the organizer. We’ve provided phone and email information for each organizer we could.

Items to consider as you’re planning for your day are things like fuel, food and garage space. The race track may offer some of these necessities, or you may find them nearby. Other race tracks may not have any amenities available. If you’re new to a particular track day event, it’s a good idea to check with the organizer to see what you’ll need to bring along.

The day usually starts early, with a check in time beginning at 7:30 AM. Guest riders will check-in and be introduced to the team of instructors. The instructors will generally help lead the guests through the tech inspection process and offer assistance in preparing for the day.

Many of these days are broken into separate groups to facilitate diverse levels of experience. There may be a group reserved for faster, more experienced participants who may have attended previous track days or schools. There may also be a group for more conservative, first time participants and those with a less aggressive style. Some organizers offer additional groups in between.

The riding day may begin with “follow-the-leader” exercises to help everyone warm up, or simply a few sighting laps. Each day is slightly different and the sponsoring organizers make every effort to accommodate students at all levels.

Regardless of how the event is structured, once the riding starts the fun really begins!

Look for upcoming interviews and profiles so you can find an event that’s a perfect fit for your riding style and skill level, whether you are a novice looking for your first track day, or a seasoned veteran looking for a new challenge.

Please check with the individual school or promoter for details.

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