Do You Have the Right Bike for a Track Day?

The short answer is “yeah, probably.” Face it, don’t plan on using us an an excuse for a new bike!

Truth is, you don’t need a big sportbike to enjoy a motorcycle track day. In fact, at some tracks a big bike is a liability. With 100mph top-end and decent cornering clearance, almost any decent standard or even cruiser bikes will do.

But, the sportbike riders usually have the most benefit from a track day. All that time in traffic waiting to unleash your bikes potential comes busting out and you finally get to RIDE like you actually mean it. Although a little too much excitement and you will be looking for a new bike, or at least a few thousand dollars in bodywork.

The most important things to consider are the state of your brakes, tires and riding gear. This is where we will stand firmly beside you and your credit card in your quest for riding excellence!

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