Do You Need a Performance Motorcycle Riding School?

Track-based training comes in 2 basic flavors. Some are schools that are required for you to compete in a sanctioned roadrace. These schools include instruction that’s necessary for the amateur racer, where you’ll learn about pit procedure, the meaning of the various flags and start / finish procedures.

Then, there are Performance Riding schools designed to teach you the finer skills of riding fast. Some of these schools offer bike and leather rental and you’ll benefit from smaller groups and more one-on-one instruction.

Riding Schools hosted by recognized names in the industry, like Reg Pridmore’s CLASS and Keith Code’s California SuperBike School have class dates across the country.

While the learning opportunity is great, there are some drawbacks. First, they are very popular and tend to sell-out quickly. Second, some of the more focused lessons may result in less on-track riding time.

If you decide a Riding School is for you, there are more than 100 dates available for 2019!

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